Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Leadership: Changing With the Times...

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Is your leadership style flexible? adaptable?
or is it based on your old rigid beliefs
formed eons ago, when you were a child
or when you first started work?
what if they aren't valid, relevant anymore?

Would you insist that your child
have only five shirts in all, since in your time
the sixth was held a luxury? if no,
why insist that team celebration
be restricted, to samosas and tea
when the company today can afford a lot more!

Inflexibility, not only elicits response
from youngsters as "from old school "
but could demotivate them
when boss seen as mean & stingy...
with not his, but company's money

Is your leadership style really old school
closely monitoring, keeping your people
on a tight leash? stifling initiative?
do you need a set of crony juniors
around you at all time, applauding
hanging on to your every word?

Do you do, to your reportees
what the British did to India?
divide and rule, to be in control
angle carrots, tempt them with sops
so they remain  adversaries always
desperately trying to please you
before the other guy does?

Not changing with the times
will be nothing short of tragedy
you will be remembered, if at all
as the self centered empire builder
an apology for a  true leader!

Foot Note: Companies only give lip service to teamwork and good leadership. In reality very few selected to leadership positions put the  organization first before their own self interest.



  1. As you have rightly mentioned leadership styles should adapt to the times.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the subject DP!