Saturday, 16 July 2016

Best Practices

Attending a professional body meeting
for sharing 'Best Practices' is fun
you learn quite a bit
even more fun though is watching
reaction & response of the audience

Some among the young
are all ears to the speaker
trying to absorb the maximum possible
like a blotting paper

Others have an expression of
"So what's new? "
just tall claims, all these
balloons filled with gas
nothing really makes a difference....

Yet others exhibit
a tinge of envy
"Why did I not think of all this
in my times- when active and kicking?
now its the fag end of career
or career days are long  over
and I feel a little left out
listening to all this..."

"well, let me cross examine this guy
during our time, the question time
poke holes in his claims
divert attention from the core
perhaps this will take away
atleast some of the sheen
from the claims of his achievement
and that of his organization...." 

Monday, 11 July 2016


Casual discussion with a young man
revealed work motivators
and expectations today's generation
has from the employer.

"It's important for me
to feel that I matter
to the main purpose
aims of the company

I need reassuring
that I am not another
cog in the wheel
like to know
what plans the company has
for utilising my full
potential in the future

what upgrades, training, 
growth assignments are
in store for me
if I get  the answers, I stay
or it is time
to move on...."