Friday, 31 July 2015


A friend shared his experience
that is shocking, chilling, horrifying
shows present day corporates
in poor light!

Recruitment done by someone
for someone else
in another part of the world
interviews over skype, telephone calls
with left hand not knowing
what the right hand is doing or wants!

When my friend joined
he found that his JD
explained & approved by recruiter
was not what his place
of joining wanted!

He was dubbed
incompetent and unsuitable
terminated six days
 Short of one month!

Who is to blame for the callous approach?
Is it ego or lack of homework?
Or lack of Synergy between departments?

Who will compensate for
the loss of previous  job,
for the  costs of relocation
for the humiliation
and loss of self-esteem?

Or is accountability alien
to big branded companies
that espouse corporate values
but seldom practice?
Are values only for the book
and for the speeches from public platforms?

How many more such cases
are out there in the jungle?
If this is the true face of branded companies
What can be expected from the small little companies?

Ps JD refers to Job Description