Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Preparation and Compassion

An audio clip went viral
in social media the other day
of an interaction between
HR and employee of a tech company
the employee asked to put in papers
and go at less than 24 hours' notice....

One can hear the employee plead
that his performance being consistently good
and notice being too short
" It is not fair to ask me to go
just like that.... overnight...."

HR just repeats over and over
that it is nothing to do with performance
but everything to do with dip in business
" I'm helpless, no one else can help either
it is a corporate decision"

Questions arise as to whether
this way was the best way
or how could it
be handled better?

Regular communication by company
in both good times and bad times
engaging employees with details
of the milestones, challenges & problems
will go a long way in preparing the receiver

More compassion while giving bad news
spending time with him/her
on " what next" and possible alternatives
and a minimum breathing time
of atleast a month would soften
the blow of a job loss crisis.

Positive, corrective steps
for future more important
than apologies, empty assurances
after the event, even if
tendered by chairman of company!