Wednesday, 18 July 2018


During and after most training programs
participants assert "very good inputs."
"Should give this to our bosses"

Change required is always for "them"
not for me!

I tell them though, of the futility
of wishing changes in those
you have no conrtol

even your child today
cannot be changed or controled!

Work instead on the one
you have full control

the change in the one person
that changes your world

Work for the change in the one person
who  matters most- yourself! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Changing Face of HR (Playing Devil's Advocate)

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With HRDians, the very function
now. focusing more and more
on the business and business priorities alone
has something suffered? Is the core spirit shaken?

Has employees stopped looking to HR
for that sympathetic ear?
no longer having that 'one person' to go to
when plagued by problems with boss, colleagues?

Like "Nurturing" associated less with today's mothers
"Safety", no longer synonymous with the police
Has HR lost the trust, the confidence of employees
as one who understands, brings the most essential balance ?
A function and people no longer seen
as batting for employee welfare ?