Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Retrospection Time (Aftermath of Corona Crisis)

It is retrospection time
for individuals
on how their lives
have gone this far

Equally important for corporates
to introspect on proclaimed objectives
lines mouthed for the media
and real time intentions
practices on the ground....

Tips on handling business
on handling 'people'
spread easily across the globe
with East lapping up
everything  the West does
so it's all about profits, profits at any cost
down sizing/ smart sizing/ right sizing
pink slips at the drop of a hat!

Poaching when needed
discarding the moment you don't anymore
past contributions forgotten
plight of employees be damned! 

" Our people are our greatest assets"
"Customer is the king"
"We value all our stake holders"
"CSR and environment, our top priority" 

Perhaps the introspection
will lead to a realization
that slogans need to be
assimilated and imbibed
not just in letter
but in spirit as well!

May the setback be the trigger
for a new beginning for corporates
with focus on genuine love
for people, society, environment
less focus on bottom line, top line
more on serving, meeting needs
and earning fair profits...

NB: CSR  refers to corporate social responsibility

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Saturday, 28 December 2019

Motivational speaker

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These days we have more & more
'Antony Robbins' clones in India
who jump up and down, shout at the top of their voice
exhort audience to have passion
wishing to draw it all out, this very moment!

These motivators automatically assume
that post lunch, people would be drowsing
and would most certainly not listen to them
so they direct, give orders to get up, do exercises
and get the blood flowing
a professional doctor wouldn't be impressed
after all, digestion is the priority
after a heavy, hearty meal!

With time, people may realize
that there is no need to look up to
US companies, business leaders
for blind aping! Embrace Bell curve
based appraisals when GE does
and throw it out the moment GE discards!

May realize that true motivation will emerge from the inside
with gentle prodding from the motivational speaker
or maybe even without his help
in quiet meditative, reflective moments... 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

My Book "corporate Poems- Straight and Simple" Published on Kindle

I am very happy to inform all my readers that my  book “: Corporate Poems- Straight and Simple" has been published on kindle and is now available on Kindle store/Amazon. It covers a wide spectrum of corporate work life / work in any organization..

The foreword for the book has been written by distinguished poet, writer, and reviewer and Hon Literary advisor to the Cultural Center of Vijayawada and Amaravatti (CCVA), Ms Padmaja Iyengar - Paddy and recommendations by sensitive. Insightful and accomplished poet Ms Saranya Francis and former Military officer, writer &  passionate blogger,  Mr Durga Prasad Dash.

The book has been divided into five sections that are important in any organization namely

 1) Organizational Direction
2) Leadership
3) Employee Relations
4) Training and Development and
5) In the course of Day to Day work.

In the Foreword Ms Padmaja Iyengar writes " Rajeev’s long innings in managerial positions across hierarchy and organizations as also his inimitable lucid style is evident in all the poems."
 She adds "Every poem in the collection ‘Corporate Poems – Straight and Simple’ provides a management lesson to be learnt, imbibed and practised by managers in day to day work. The author, Rajeev Moothedath demystifies complicated management thoughts and deconstructs management philosophies into straight and simple poetry!"  

In her recommendation poet Saranya Francis says " Rajeev's corporate poems are a telling commentary of the corporate world's upheavals, idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. As an astute HR professional, he is uniquely placed to share observations on the personal side of the professional world. The poems in the collection are crisp, straightforward, deliberately worded and sometimes even tongue in cheek. Rajeev in his unique style has spoken to his readers through these poems"

Writer & Blogger Mr Durga Prasad Dash writes "Rajeev Moothedath’s ability to churn out poems out of dry subjects such as “HR analytics and the four abilities” is definitely commendable." 

Looking forward to the feedback from dear readers.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Thoughts from a Professional Conference

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For conveying a simple thought, you use so many words! 
you may not tire, speaking on and on
hey, but have some kindness for us poor audience too!

 Granted, you impart knowledge & insights
  A big thanks for that!
 yet, we have a little request as well
 speak straight with less jargon and words!  

 Oh why is it that the audience in India
simply can't  ask a query at 'question time'
before giving a long lecture themselves 
derailing the basic question?    

So that then, is our national, inborn nature
to speak long winded, never straight
speak on and on. the listener be damned
after all, it’s all about declaring to the world
"Hey, I exist and I am second to none!" 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


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One thing, an employer looked for then
and continue to look for now
in a future employee, is the same
It is reliability!

The lament those days was
" Oh, why can't these guys just
get the job done, once assigned
so much time lost in monitoring
ensuring the job is done!"

Today,the time stealers are many more
with the  handy mobile, the chief distractor
available at arm’s length!
and so the challenge continues...

Challenge  to acquire more employees for organization
who are reliable, can be trusted to complete capably
everything they set out to do
so one can relax, have a good night's sleep
knowing the job is in safe hands!

Monday, 24 December 2018

Times of Disruption

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No one is sure what will happen
in these times of disruption
It is not the end, but just a beginning
of unpredictability in business and industry

'Experts' based on current trends
make guesses, predictions
and suggestions on what to do
what approach to take to handle challenges
in these times of disruption

65% of school children they say
would be in jobs tomorrow
that do not exist today
many more predictions galore
centering on technology
changes-  in relationship at work place
in learning and coaching styles....

Of course, nobody really knows for sure
but having one's ear to the ground
keeping eyes and ears open
being flexible with one's skills
and receptivity to change
could be the best answer, to questions posed
by the times of disruption 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Some More Equal

I regularly attend monthly meets
of two professional bodies
that feed me with knowledge
insights and  rejuvenation

A camera zooming in at tea time or later
will show one having many suit booted attendees
and the other, having hardly any
I feel at home, more comfortable
in the latter group than the former
though the former has a trifle more
interesting topics and speakers

Now, don't get me wrong
I have nothing against the attire, physical
of the colonial masters of yore
it's more to do with the subtle
snooty, snobbish air that go with the clothes
body language that proclaims
"We are superior" to the 'unsophisticated' natives!