Tuesday, 23 February 2016


We all know
there is no parallel
for employees who interact
and work as if they are the owners

Managements therefore underscore
during speeches and in corporate communications
the importance of ownership

 Yet treat them as 'mere'employees
in day to day situations
on the little  occasions
that matter a lot...

not trusting, ignoring suggestions
closely monitoring the  'unreliable' employees
and generally putting them in their place
reminding often as to who the real boss is!

As action speaks louder than words
the overriding message  being very clear
it's no wonder that 
people stick to doing
this mucn and no more!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Business Reality

At a HR conference that I attended
the practitioners spoke like professors
the professor on the other hand
was down to earth
and summed up the
business reality simply and  beautifully

In the initial years, during infancy
the sole purpose of business was seen as
to make money, save money. reduce risks
to protect the interests of the owner or share holder

Later the focus turned
to customer and customer delight
he was held 'King'
for if he doesn't buy
there's no business!

In the next phase focus
was on the employees
for if employees aren't happy
they wouldn't produce
the best they can

Now the focus has shifted
to the society around your industry
with the buzz word being 'Sustainability'
protecting the interests of society
and the environment

It's not one over the other
all the four along with the suppliers
are equally important

concluded the professor

Wise words, simple yet profound words
that corporates would do well
to imbibe and follow
for a long time growth
a balanced growth!