Wednesday, 30 October 2013


"water water everywhere, not a drop to drink"
 said the great poet
insecurity,insecurity everywhere, not a beam of light
at the end of the tunnel Say I , of the corporate scene

Keeping long hours out of insecurity-not love
Praising  boss,peer, junior out of insecurity- not from the heart
By passing your reportee, keeping him in the dark
 and regularly interacting with juniors
out of insecurity.......

yet this policy has its gains say some
"It is the paranoids who survive" say others
but is it enough to survive?
Don't we need to be alive-
liveliness in everything we do
sincerity in everything we do
authenticity in everything we do

only then would insecurity drop
secure in the knowledge that we are safe
that another person's win is not our loss
that the win is so much more sweeter
nurturing and sustaining....
when we are all in it together!