Friday, 29 September 2017

The Gaps between Theory and Practice

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The buzz word in corporate circles 
is leadership, in  the VUCA world
a world that is volatile, uncertain
complex and ambiguous
pundits love to talk about it
but actually have no clue themselves of
how to  handle uncertainities of the future....

In an evening professional meeting 
the expert panel discussed an important weapon 
in the armoury of HRDians today
the current super star
the one and only data analytics!

Analytics is all about the discovery of data, interpretation
and communication of meaningful patterns
for describing, predicting, and improving business performance
the audience are excited to listen to speakers
to be able to claim as knowledgeable, abreast of latest trends....

But how much and how fast
are  they willing to implement
new knowledge, latest  trends
is a moot question

A member at question time
revealed sad story of how
his analytics  company  won
the 'showcase' award last year
yet not a single customer sought his services
after the hype and the applause died down

What matters most perhaps is filling gap
between theory and practice
with companies foucusing  more on  implementation 
and far less on the hype, discussion and debates!

Foot Note: The National HRD Network, Bangalore Chapter organises a competition annually to  "show case" the best and innovative HR practices

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Action speaks louder than words

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We have had enough
of proclamations and declarations
of how the employee is the biggest asset
of any oganization

Enough of the definitions
of ' employee engagement'
comparing & contrasting
it with ' employee experience'
or some other latest fad

At the end of the day
in simple terms, what processes
are there to ensure employees feel valued?
what opportunities for them to have their say
to feel good inside most of the time and
happy smiles, not just in team pictures..