Saturday, 24 February 2018

Learning at an HR Conclave

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When the topic is Hi tech
speakers also would be from
Hi tech companies too
for  discussing  technology invasion
read AI ie 'artificial intelligence'
its impact on HR and
what it needs to do in
a changing, threatening scenario....

Yet one wonders whether
it is at all necessary for an Indian
when speaking to Indian audiences
to use slang,  jargon and pretend
that he just landed from US
straight from airport to the venue..

All this 'style' is so distracting
jarring and a waste of time
as listeners have to wade through trash
with less time available
for focusing on the core issue

A speaker in the afternoon though
used simple language, scoops of humour
had the audience in splits
yet conveyed a lot more on the subject
than his jargon ridden counterparts

Learning happens not from pomposity
but from participation, participation
and  participation of the audience
in a simple, straight, fun environment