Thursday, 25 August 2016


Frequent criticism
in the garb of "Feedback"
with an aim to control
seemingly to  ensure
change and improvement
backfires most of the time...

Rather than changes for the better
employees  withdraw, turn numb
become reluctant to innovate
volunteer or take risks

Instead it  results in
diverting precious energy for
blame avoidance
and self preservation!

Sad, the same energy
could and should
have been spent
for the benefit of the organization!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Typical Character

Organizations have a typical character
not withstanding the buzz words of
lean, flat, humane, open door
and what not.....

It's all about the span of control
the power to exercise over others
not allowing  them to use their heads
getting  them to  follow instructions
simply do your bidding!

The other day I watched on 'you tube'
a Swami explain the reason, the need
to leave parent spiritual organization
and start one of his own..

It was all about hurting ego
of the head of the organization
when the swami did not
blindly follow orders from top
but did what he thought was right...

Yes, all  organizations have a typical character
whether spiritual, social  or commercial...

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


An employee wants to leave
for better prospects
company offers more money
in order to retain him/her

Similarly, someone else
wants to leave, weeks later
reason could be different this time
cultural mismatch or an overbearing boss...

Once again HR intervenes
with counselling or promises
of  a change in posting
the aim being retention
any which way...

At times, you find characters
who have discovered your weakness
and so periodically dangle
offer letters from rival companies
for ensuring raises...

A better approach perhaps
is to delve deep in to reasons
and respond or make corrections
to arrest attritions in future

As for the one who
has put in his papers
the dissatisfaction lurks
deep within somewhere
and all your efforts

It's a matter of time
that he notices the chasm yet again
and puts in his papers
refusing this time to reconsider...