Friday, 8 November 2013

Climate in a Team

Scorching summer, heavy rains elsewhere
the climate in a team is always  one of
openness-  to be able to
tell each other including seniors
of what one thinks without fear,without constraints

Complimenting not competing with each other
one filling up for what is lacking in another
together completing all needs & aim of the team

Presence of a leader so it becomes a team
from  a  mere group
A leader to guide,coach & motivate towards goals

The climate in a team is that of trust
where everyone is comfortable with each other
and excited working together
excitement in the journey, not destination
in the journey of continuous improvement!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Let them be

In an office situation, corporate situation
there will always be a few
who make the right noises
to project themselves, keep a leg
for you to trip and fall

The few who focus more
on what impresses bosses
and less on the work itself
or what's good in the long run....

Never mind them, let them be...
no resistance, no confrontation-
just go above their frequencies
with a clear vision of
what you want, don't want...

Don't envy their success
or seeming importance
many have climbed ladders
reached the top, to realize
the ladder was against
the wrong wall!

When you have your vision
bright and clear
just move on that path with confidence
unmindful of the few
let them be.....