Monday, 19 January 2015


Strategy is a term
conceived by the army
to  plan and plot
the doom of enemies

Borrowed by corporates
it means plans against competitors
suppliers,  employees
why even customers-
ensure that they buy product
needed or otherwise!

How do I out beat enemy
before he out beats me?
how do I pay less
and get more?
how do I win any which way
against an enemy?

Looked at this way
other stake holders
no longer friends , cocreators
mutually beneficial beings...

It's matter of time that
mistrust sets in and reigns
and short term gains
pale before long term losses

Deep losses that cuts
at the root of "Shub Labh"
of fair profits, fair deal for all
and peace of mind...

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Merry Go Round

At the fun fair
the merry go round
attracts many children
though the fee paid is for 3 rounds
many kids aren't satisfied
they want more & don't want
fun to stop so fast

But what if the merry go round
 never stopped
went on endlessly..
children would begin
to lose the thrill
become sleepy, hungry & thirsty
and start crying..please,please stop!

The corporate merry go round
 is similar...
after the initial thrill
many want to get off
but can't...
On the merry go round
like it or not, they need to be merry
as it goes round & round
on and on....