Friday, 2 December 2016


Leaders who are reluctant
to share credit for success,
or assignments well done
will be resented by team & peers...
and in the long run they lose
all support and cooperation

Such leaders behave the way they do
more out of a poor self esteem
 they compensate for the
"I am not good enough" feeling
with  projection of self as a 'star'
around whom everything revolves!

The better way for long term gains
for both leader and organization
is to share credit with all contributors
real achievement after all
is when many own, give a hand
celebrate success together!


  1. I so agree but looks like it is easier said than done! Out of curiosity have you ever encountered toxic leadership?

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mridula. I have also had my share of 'difficult' bosses. They tend to operate from a place of insecurity. Therefore, they they prevent you from having access to higher executives and colour their opinion about you by giving inputs....

  2. It is not easy to lead. Some are born leaders, other have to learn and earn respect of the people they lead.

    1. I agree. One of the ways of 'earning'respect to to give credit where it is due/ share the credit. Thank you Abhijit for sharing your thoughts!