Wednesday, 26 October 2016

HR Analytics and the Four Abilities

HR and data analytics today, is hot
HR had been one of the pioneers
anyway of the analytic path
having had at its disposal
Plenty of employee life cycle data

The challenge is to make sense
of humongous data, by thinking, asking
probing multiple aspects
having an eye for details
having an open mind…

With persistence, patience, deeper probing
some HR goals would be within reach
that of work force planning
comp & benefits, succession planning
learning & leadership, engagement & assessment....

Analytics for sales revenue, productivity
Arresting accident errors, fraud
down time losses…
for customer retention, product mix
for quality, IT and business consulting expertise….

Real success of the analytic journey
is in moving from the level 1 reactive,
 operational reporting to
 level 4, predictive analytics -
development of predictive models…

It’s here that the 4 abilities matter
Ability to collect high quality data
Ability to analyse, make sense of
the data and relationships
Ability to connect to IT, sales,
Operation and finance…
Ability to consult, visualise,
tell stories and drive change!

Note: This poem was inspired by an evening meeting that I attended on the subject organised by NIPM, Karnataka Chapter.The speaker Mr Neeraj Kumar, VP (HR) Wipro spoke exhaustively. This is just a tip of the iceberg.... 


  1. Your ability to churn out poems out of such dry subjects (at least to me) is definitely commendable.

  2. Thank you so much!Your feedback had made my day!