Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Being a Role Model

What are you telling young boys & girls
during induction, in the initial days
expectations on integrity?
that customer is king?

Are you telling them to be polite always
to be passionate about goals
and do what it takes, no matter what?
to focus on quality each time, every time?
to teamwork, see the big picture always?

Beware! tell them the bare minimum
that you yourself believe and  abide by
as they are watching you 24x7
to check whether you practice what you preach....

Consistently meeting and surpassing own standards
can enthuse juniors to follow leader with passion
conversely,  if huge deviance between talk and action
it is  disillusionment. and a big
erosion of credibility ....

Instead of adulation towards a  role model
it is just contempt- higher
the hype and falsehood
higher the level of contempt!
and you end up leaving in your trail
a bunch of cynics, cynics
in the garb of employees for life!


  1. This poem has a universal character. Definitely not restricted to corporate world

  2. Thank you so much DPD! Happy that you could see a wider relevance for the subject discussed.

  3. I agree with Dash Sir. Incidentally, I had also posted a short article on this theme -- not exactly same but somewhat similar. Just in case you are interested : Children And Values

  4. Thank you Amit.Will go through your post as well.