Thursday, 31 August 2017

Healthy IR (Industrial Relations)

Good relations whether in
industrial or personal life
is all about give and take
it is certainly not about one
prevailing over the other...

In the early days of industrial revolution
capatalists had the upper hand
and in response to the tyranny
came social scientists like
Sidney and Beatrice Webb
and concept of unity of workmen

After fighting,gaining rights
came the periods of power shift
with unions holding to ransom
not just the industry, but entire nations
be it the rail, textile strikes in India
or miners' strike in UK

Good industrial relations
is all about pitting the
strong against the strong
we now know that weakness
on either side is exploited by the other
and boomarangs in the long run

Strong management,strong union
mutual respect and love for
the organization that feeds both
is the recipe for good industrial relations

Empathy,patience and willingness
to listen to the other,coupled with
flexibility and accomodation
is the key to healthy industrial relations!


  1. But so difficult to attain in reality!

  2. But then nothing is easy in life- Is a husband-wife relationship easy? It is just that in the case of couples, they put on a facade to the outside world that everything is greater than it actually is....
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mridula!