Monday, 13 March 2017

Office Politics

Office working
can be tough
it always was
yet, pressure these days
has increased manifold
even taking away precious lives...

Employees struggle to handle
ever increasing target levels
pressure from competing peers
non cooperative work groups
demanding, berating bosses
who want today's work done 'yesterday'

Add to it, deadly politics
practiced by the insecure
whether peer, boss or junior
and it can become overwhelming...
for the weak, it could mean NBD
while others live to fight another day...

There must be a better way
than this sheer madness...
where colleagues and team members
are not seen as enemies
who need to be beaten
to stay ahead in the race

Ah, what wishful thinking
in the times that we live
when politics is second nature
to some who are labeled 'savvy'
as for others, they are helpless
drawn to the office politics
like moths to the candle...

PS:  NBD refers to Nervous break down.

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