Sunday, 5 February 2017

Secret of Managing Performance

Listening to theories
is one thing
believing in it, applying it
in day to day work & life
is another matter

So while Mcgregor's 'X' and 'Y' theories
are lauded, given a big hand
in meetings, forums and seminars
not many are convinced
of its efficacy real time
against the stark realities
of corporate world!

Simply put, it says
that we have X and Y managers
the X ones believe
that workmen basically are lazy
tend to avoid work

They prefer to work this much & no more
meaning coercion, threats
and punishments are the only ways
to get them to work...

The Y managers on the other hand
believe, people value work
for its own sake
and that it gives them pride,
accomplishment & motivation
to do the best they can!

Based on their beliefs
the X and Y managers
treat their people differently
the former gives orders
are always suspicious and
closely monitor their every action.

The latter on the other hand
encourages, supports and interacts
eliciting the best
from their people!

while both get the work done
the crew of  X managers
does just enough, to avoid punishment
while team of the Y managers
go much  beyond the call of duty!

Yet, as many managements,
 believe and think X
in the heart of hearts
not many takers are there
for the Y philosophy...

No wonder then, that the secret
of great performance remains a secret
with impatient managements
brushing aside the 'unknown' benefits,
"synergy efforts' of Y managers
its a lot more easier for them, to rely
on the trigger happy X managers!


  1. I could be a Y manager with an X employee reporting to me. The best theory in management is contingent theory!

  2. It is interesting you say that. Studies conducted by social scientist Auren Uris found that a person responding to an autocratic style of leadership as a follower tends to be autocratic when he becomes a leader...