Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sad Story of 'Training'

'Training' or 'Learning & development'
whatever you may like to call it
is still not understood
or valued by most corporates

It's yet to be seen
as an intervention
that can make a difference

Some still see it
as a distraction, a reward
to employees for hard work
at an exquisite  resort...

While others see it
as something to be picked up
and doled out
as from the menu of a cafeteria...

"Last time we had Dosa
do you have Pizza
or something new & exotic
on the menu?"

Learning is not seen as it should
from the perspective of a felt need
"I have a stomach upset
and it's Idli that I want
if you don't have it
or can't deliver me that
I'm going elsewhere!"

In the absence of
a true understanding & awareness
the benefits of a great discipline
is lost, under valued
or under utilised...

This then is the sad story of 'Training'....


  1. hmm, can totally relate with it... have been a trainer for way too long now :-)

  2. Thank you Archana.Happy you could relate to the post although it is a 'sad'story...

  3. Training is a must to pick up contemporary skills else the skills acquired long back become out dated soon with reduced/no demand in the Market.. Every Professional should be aware of this and voluntarily take part in various Trainings offered by the Organisations.. A timely Post, Rajeev!

  4. Well written! I guess when one gets a monthly pay cheque, one feels they know everything and don't need to learn anything more.

  5. Thank you Sreedharji and Seena for sharing your thoughts on the subject!