Thursday, 24 September 2015

With Leaders like These....

Bosses, they say are always right
what then, can one say of CEOs
 that they are always, always,always  right ?

So, in a senior executive  review meeting
everyone watched silently
as the CEO took phone call mid meeting
then spoke for 5,10, 15 minutes...
oblivious, scornful
of wasted  executive time

Some started talking to neighbour
the mood of meeting temporarily disrupted
no surprises, or complaints though
they knew their leader well
had  got used to his style of functioning

As the presentations resume
 clarifications are sought and given
when the presenter proceeds to the next slide
leader talks of something else
to someone else attending the meeting

The presenter is left high and dry in mid sentence
no one pays any attention to him
all eyes are on the leader, to what he is talking
and to whom he is talking
our presenter, a senior executive waits in discomfort
 for five to ten  minutes
like an actor on stage who has forgotten his lines!

A repeat of drama happens with subsequent presentations
the trend established for all review meetings...

With leaders like these ...
what is the message?
"You may adorn  a senior executive designation, ,
but, you are simply there to do my bidding
Humiliation is a part of being a junior to a senior
and you don't count,.you just don't count!"

If parents are the role models for children
leaders like these become role models
 for the future CEOs, leadership aspirants

With leaders like these
damage caused is  not to one generation
but generations of employees
the culture scarred for many years to come..

Damage is caused  to the mother,  the organization herself
with leaders like these....

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