Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Point is...

The other day
I was part of a
professional evening event
speaker with impressive credentials
and an exciting topic
"Winning qualities of Highly successful People"

The session started well
with tales of a couple of
successful people and
 their winning qualities

Later came many more
being proactive,overcoming adversity
persistence, self discipline
self believe, pursuing excellence....

The heroes cited included president Roosevelt
Arnold Schwarzenegger. M.K Gandhi
Bill Gates, Charlie Chaplin...

As the number of examples
 came as a deluge
I  and some in the audience became
a little distracted, a little bored...

The speaker though, was back with a bang
after all, he was a multi dimensional talent
author, speaker, ventriloquist            
cartoonist and  hand shadow expert!

While he drew caricatures
of  some heroes mid presentation
towards the end entered
charlie the monkey
who enthralled the audience
with his witty remarks
It was ventriloquism at its best!

This was followed
by the hand shadow display
if only all this, one wished
was part of main presentation
and connecting to the topic,,,

 At the end it was a standing ovation
for the multi talented speaker
who deserved every bit
of the applause and  ovation!

Did he entertain?
share valid thoughts?
have the audience eating out of his hand?
yes, yes, many times over!

Yet, the point is...
when you have a live person
speaking face to face
you would gain
much more, understanding
how he avoided procrastination
instances of how he benefited
from being proactive..
how the speaker went about setting goals
and how the process helped him achieve ..

While fine are the  tales  & examples of achievers
 whether,JFK, Jim Cary or Varghese Kurian
these  can be  accessed and available on net
yet,the story, learning and insights of speaker
are  unique and can be shared
by him and him alone!

Yes, the point is "How"
makes a more lasting impression than "What"
"What"  connotes knowing
while "How" is all about doing!


  1. More practical examples would have helped :)

  2. Thank you Shweta for going into the essence of the poem,But we Indians are happy if we are entertained...

  3. Looks like an entertaining evening with lots of takeaways.

  4. Yes,it was an entertaining evening with take away that could have been even more if personal experiences were shared.