Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Avalanche- at work

A poet’s poem on the ‘first kiss’
 loaded with so much passion,
So much longing and desire
drawing readers to drown in  its  intensity
With all the five senses!

Similar  passion as from  the ‘first kiss’
 Is generated for others , reminiscing  of conquests
in their favourite sports-  Cricket, soccer, volley ball
For some though  the same intensity happened
when glued to  romantic  or mystery thrillers

those were  times when everything was a flow
when time seemed to run
and disappear so fast…

The passion of the past
of cherished times
brushed aside
all obstacles, doubts
that stood in the way
of the  heart, its 'ardent desire..

Delving in to that passion
and reclaiming the same spirit
for  your work,  work goals &  destination
 sweep away all obstacles 
big or small, real or imagined! 

 The avalanche of  heart's desire
 intensity. and passion at work
triumphing over obstacles many
reducing mountains to mole hills!

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