Friday, 29 May 2015

'Yes Man'

It’s natural
To like the person
Who agrees with you

You may claim
To be a thorough professional
Yet you cannot deny
that you are basically human
and love to be fawned over..

Knowingly, unknowingly
'Yes' men surround you
With time, any dissent annoys you

Guys singing a different tune
Seen as an enemy
to be left behind
Sacrificed  for  the
Needs of the ego

Couldn’t care less for the needs
or interests of the mother
your  organization…


  1. Nice message in poem. Wish justice was as poetic.

  2. There are only egos in the corporate world, not 'self's. It's an ego-eat-ego world :)
    Nice poem.

  3. I could so relate to the poem.... Ah the corporate world... Awesome poem.

  4. Many thanks to Abhijit,Tomichan & shwetha for your appreciation & feedback!