Thursday, 11 December 2014

Proof of the Pudding

In the field of training
unique selling points
have changed with time..

Sheer oratory skills
held the audience
in the early years
more of one way communication
with little of two way interaction

Then the changes..
from white chalks & black boards
to white boards & marker pens
then came overhead projectors
to project written transparencies

with time came LCDs & DLPs
and power point presentations!

During all these stages
trainer with the current props
pooh poohed the older ones
claimed & proclaimed themselves
the most modern, the best!

Games, activities, exercises
experiential, goes the current fad
'Not a single slide ppt"
is a proud claim
how long will this last
to be replaced by another one?

Oh,what does it matter
what props you use?
have you reached out
to your participants-
stirred their insides?

created the sparks, modifications
in knowledge, skill, attitude?
after all, the proof of the pudding
is not in the ingriedients many
the proof of the pudding
is in the eating!


  1. Wonderful! Perfectly depicts and rightly questions the rat race in the professional scenario over time.

  2. Thank you Arti ! Corporate life can be made a lot more simpler & satisfying if we can give up the rat race mentality...