Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I Love My company!

Presently we are running
a learning program unique
participants include the blue collared
the white collared
the sandwiched supervisors as well..

Activities many, to empathise
 to appreciate the roles of others
remove from mind the feeling
" I , my cadre alone contributes
  all others have a ball"

An art piece completion
to which  each one contributes
painting  a small portion
and the sum parts make the picture
the final product
born out of team work!

A drum jam session finale
a musical session on drums
 and the truth hits you like a bolt
that discordant beats cause noise
while perfect unison creates music!

Aim of the program
to drive home the point
of everyone together-
"I love the company
 you love the company
 we all love our company!