Thursday, 30 October 2014


When I am with friends
of school, college days
I can simply relax-speak without thinking

No worries of talking sense
only sense,nothing but sense
no worries of being called silly
stupid or incompetent
when amongst them ideas come/ came
freely, spontaneously, effortlessly

yet, today I sit in a task force team(TFT)
to come up with ideas
within a deadline
for shop floor probs

But  ideas aren't coming..
and I feel constrained
typical worries, apprehensions
cloud my mind..

If only I could replicate
the mood among friends
to the mood in the TFT
ideas I am sure will flow
smooth as a river

Ah,once again
the dreamy me , flying me
need to be pulled back
brought down to earth
to the realities of
firms,corporates & organizations!