Monday, 25 August 2014


We don't realize
the impact of what we do

when we are busy
and team members make gestures
to catch our attention
knowingly or unknowingly
we do not pay attention-
once, twice, too many times...

 We pay attention
only if the member is
from what we deem as "Core" area
meaning those with the urgent or
fire fighting requirements

The important but not urgent
tend to be ignored
so production will always
get priority over design engineering
industrial relations always
over learning & development

The team members
on the other hand
do not have mind reading abilities
they wonder as to the reason
for the boss's indifference

Is it because he is that busy?
or because he is unhappy with my work?
He doesn't like me as a person?
because we don't share the same religious affinities?

Once the demon of doubt enters
employee loses self confidence
he or she loses self esteem
we had no intention to create this effect
yet, by our indifference,insensitivity
we have contributed unwittingly
to turning a giant
in to a pygmy
and sometimes in turning
an employee to a former employee!


  1. Truth of the corporate world. Your poem reflects their mindset.

  2. Thank you Saru for sharing your thoughts!