Thursday, 24 March 2016

Physically present- Mentally Absent

It happened to me, just  yesterday
happens every other day
on almost all occasions
even during serious professional discussions...

Yesterday, as is my wont
I was taking notes at a professional meeting
on an interesting topic of transforming
an ancient, process oriented  huge company
to be more flexible, agile and responsive
to the changed times and business scenario

In short the challenges of teaching
an elephant to dance...

The guy seated next to me
 was glued to his mobile
continuously typing messages
his indifference and the frequent hand movements
distracting me from my main purpose

Giving vent to my annoyance, talking to him
could result in my missing
key points in the discussion
so I continued focused on my basic purpose
 desperately trying to ignore his antics

Had I spoken  to him though
I would have asked
"Hey why drive down this far
to fiddle with your mobile
you could have saved petrol
and driving time
accomplishing task at home!"