Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Right Vs Right Dilemma

HR conclave at a premium institution
Speakers from prominent corporates
One of them spoke
about the dilemma of choosing
between Right and Right….

She then gave an example
of a real life situation
an incident from her own company

The hero was highly accomplished
an IIT pass out
with proven track record
An epitome of success
he was poised to sign
on behalf of company
a multi-million deal

Then, in a weak moment
he casually remarked
that he had got in to IIT
attending coaching classes
and that in fact
he hadn’t passed SSLC.

Walls they say, have ears
someone made a formal complaint
and then the dilemma began for HR & the management

That the hero hadn’t passed SSLC
and concealed the fact to move ahead, wasn’t right
Yet, he was good enough to pass from IIT
and contributing effectively thus far
now, after so many years going after him
Wasn’t right either?
This was the dilemma, concluded the speaker

To my mind it was not about Right Vs Right
It was clearly between right and wrong
“It all depend on your core values!”
Shouted I from the audience
the words had escaped my lips
Involuntarily, beyond my control….

The story made clear one thing
that there are no dilemmas
many of them so called are created
by admin themselves from their own
Inconsistencies and lack of clarity!

PS:     IIT refers to the Indian institute of technology, a premier institute in India.


  1. True...often our dilemmas are due to lack of clarity. A nice read :)

  2. It is always difficult to choose bw Right Vs Right. But when one conveniently assumes wrong vs right to be right vs right or gets such a notion due to lack of clarity, the solution arising from it would be skewed.
    A poem with a message :)

  3. Thank you Ranjini for hitting the nail on the essence of the poem!