Sunday, 13 December 2015


Professionalism is the hallmark of any organization
In my long corporate  innings
I have come across a few leaders
and many more in leadership positions

From the ones who could be called 'Leaders'
perhaps one or two could be called 'Professional'
in the strictest sense of the term
the ones who retain the purity of quality
refusing to mix the professional with the personal

So, you may be a very dear disciple
yet,  rest assured that you will receive
no favours or compromises
from him for  you
at the time of  promotion

Similarly, the professional
may dislike a person of  poor  reputation
but does not allow that
to influence decision
on a genuine request of the employee

Contrast that with the 'Non professional'
 at the other end of the bar
who takes decisions not at the office
consulting the entire team
but in a resort or a bar in the evening
with cronies whose biggest contributions
are  drinking,clapping ,smiling
when he would like them to...

Yes, professionalism is the hallmark of any organization
yet, do we give this 'line' it's due
while choosing people for a position
for that matter, even leadership positions?