Tuesday, 3 November 2015

For a Better Impact

Get off  the high horse
Get off the fads,
and get going...
how long will you hold on
continue playing these games
if others aren't fed up
aren't you  fed up yourself?

Surviving on jargons and big talk
that mean nothing on the ground
no difference to day to day work
of internal customers

customers see you
as talking gibberish
360 degree appraisal, change management
core competency or empowerment
mean nothing to them
unless and until you first solve
contribute to solving simple 'real' problems
of say absenteeism or attrition

More time explaining concepts
and convincing customer
of its use to him
generate better enthusiasm
ensure better impact
for  the HR role

If not, you are doomed to be seen
as a nuisance or at best
a necessary evil....