Thursday, 27 March 2014

How My Sessions Begin

In my role as a facilitator
no matter what the topic of the training
I ask people
during the icebreak introductions -
as to what are the  activities
that make them happy

For many it is watching or playing cricket
 Music is another favourite
for some it is travel
for others visit to their  native place

Meeting up with friends
going on a hike
reading books-playing with kids
visit to the Gym- cooking
the list can be varied and endless

I then ask them  how
frequently do they indulge in these things
that give them happiness?

Often times we know
that pressing a particular switch
will light up a lamp
that we desire & love-   yet
we give many reasons or excuses
why we are unable to put on that switch of happiness

Too busy, too tired, no support...
many & varied are the reasons that pop up
yet.they deny us happiness
which is our natural birthright

We would be better leaders, better communicators, better motivators
why, we would be better husbands & wives
better fathers & mothers to our children
better sons & daughters to our parents
if basically we were happy

I exhort my participants
to engage in more & more
activities that make them happy
This opens the windows
for effectively playing any role
be it at work or at home!


  1. Very rightly said. Totally agree. May all of us do the things that make us happy. World will be a happier place.

  2. Thanks Anita.Feedback & discussions move us further towards the goal of a happy world.

  3. I agree with Anita.. Well written Rajeev :)