Monday, 4 February 2013


I am vexed ....
lamented a team leader
too many attritions-too much expectations
the youngsters today- can't understand them...
want to stretch their  legs
even before they have sat down
I nodded sympathetically.....

one of my guys is leaving next week
I have no idea how to retain him
I like my job- he tells me
no issues with job content or you 
just want a change-  to move on..

Another guy left me -the week before..
He was just about getting into the groove
understanding  the nuances of the job
when he learnt that his classmate at college
had got a promotion in his company

He began to become restless, uncomfortable
and now expected a promotion
not  because of  his contribution  here
but elevation of a friend
in another company!

I tried to soothe the ruffled feathers
after all times have changed..I pointed out
But the leader remained emotional
It is not as if we haven't changed with the times
In our times we could not
meet eye to eye  with the boss
Today, I treat my guys more as friends

yet, they aren't satisfied
feel offended if  I so much as correct their work
or raise my voice
I am in a dilemna- whether to correct
and coach them for the future
or remain silent and tolerant .....
so that they don't leave.
I go about my job like the circus artist
doing a tightrope act
balancing each step - as
one  wrong  step can mean disaster

Why have things come to such a pass ? I asked myself
If only we share our feelings
the boss with the juniors
the juniors with the boss
the husband & wife to each other
students to  teachers
and teachers to students-

Appreciating the others needs and views
and toning down our  own expectations
for the common good -
for the good of our organization
we would then  have     -
more of understanding..
less of expectation - and
More of contribution!

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