Monday, 1 October 2012

Corporate Meetings

I have to go to another meeting
yes,another periodic meeting
I dread it , he dreads it, we all dread it

yet ,like the charge of the light brigade...
Ours not to object, ours not to  reason why  
Ours but to do and die
into the valley of death
rode six hundred then, we a smaller number
do it every week, over and over again

But why do you protest so, you ask
at an opportunity to learn and share
to be a part of decision making

What decision making... There is more of fault finding there
I would be happy to come out of it unscathed -to live another day
until next time when I die, to live again

Often times,the one presiding couldn't care less
whether all get to speak-express their views
It is only a few who get to speak
others are diffident- they fear ridicule and blame

Sometimes,the one presiding can curtly cut to size
those speaking unconventionally or being 'too clever'
new comers speak in the beginning but become wise very soon
"speak only if you have to- it is safe and sure"

At other  times, with a  weak one presiding
It is a slanging match- a free for all
need to defend my department - at all costs
How dare he ...
find fault with me and my department?

But surely there is a better way-
Have meetings  with a purpose
attended by the relevant few
all speak for the purpose- nothing more nothing less
all speak for the whole and not for the  parts

Egos pocketed 
ideas   lovingly shared
as the  aim,  not to win
 but to understand and be  understood
and collectively decide
in the interest of your mother- your organization!


  1. Yeah...I do think corporate meeting are held to get rid of daily boredom :D

  2. "To get rid of daily boredom!"Now that is an interesting perspective. Regards & Thanks for commenting